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The Greater Metropolitan Los Angeles area is rapidly growing and there are many opportunities for investor and EB-5 participants to get involved. Take a look at our current projects and contact a consultant for more information on investing.

Somerset Court



p2An upwardly mobile concept for living, dining and shopping is now moving to Bellflower. The distinctive architecture of the residences of Somerset Court will combine with sleek retail and restaurant space to provide an upscale alter-native for the Citizens of Bellflower. Imagine stepping out your door for a leisurely stroll along the adjoining Bellflower Recreational Pathway to return to a warm neighborhood cafe at Somerset Court.

With a newly-established Economic Development Department, Bellflower has created incentive-based zoning and streamlined the entitlement process. Bellflower has low business, utility, and property taxes, and numerous incentives programs including forgivable sales tax loans, marketing and promotional agreements, and a restaurant expansion program. The City’s regular business outreach, open staff channels, and satisfaction surveys highlight its commitment to identifying problems and supporting its business community.

As with all of its projects, Alta Mira Realty is committed to bringing to Somerset Court its ongoing integrity, quality construction, and attention to detail coupled with outstanding customer service. With millions of (USD) in sales and an associated EB5 Regional Center, Alta Mira Realty can deliver the funds necessary to making Somerset Court a coveted jewel in the Bellflower repertoire of community development.

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