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About AARC

The American Altin Mission

The American Altin Regional Center (AARC) is an approved USCIS EB5 Regional Investor Center. AARC will promote increased economic growth in the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area through a private capital equity investment fund which pools qualified immigrant investors and leverages existing financial resources to launch profitable commercial enterprises and achieve increased regional real estate sales, productivity, job creation, and domestic capital investment into urban and targeted employment areas.

How AARC Succeeds

 Through the infusion of new capital, AARC will generate greater real estate sales and employment across Los Angeles’ broad economic spectrum and will accomplish this by:

  • Selecting and financing, either on a “stand alone” basis or through leveraged resources, qualified “for profit” residential and commercial real estate projects within the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area.
  • Establishing superior monthly cash flow for investors through diligent and competent project management.
  • Creating full time jobs within the region.
  • Obtaining maximum capital appreciation by adding value to existing residential real estate and creating new commercial developments throughout the region.

AARC Will Focus On Viable Projects In The Following Sectors:

  • Commercial developments
  • Residential Rehab
  • New Home Construction
  • Multi-Family Construction
  • Multi-Use Construction
  • Affordable family housing
  • Real Estate Property Management

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